Never be afraid to stretch your love for art.

THEARTDESIGNERS' WALLPAPER FINE  - a brand new look at wall covers.

I truly believe in expressing pure passion at my home & any interior design we provide to our clients, from that thought we designed a line of awesome wallpaper that twist &turn any space - living or business into - a beauty.

These and other designs will be available at our online shop - theartdesigners.shop  opening soon.

See ya there.

see ya there...


Bold, funky & all around awesome.Based on Weilers' Street smart Funk art series.

see ya there...


Cream To Cream. Always loved the sexy brand of OP, when I got older decided to celebrate the surfers' brand with a wonderful piece about the font. 

see ya there...


'Jacked ' - was a modern art series created as the front covers of a magazine dedicated to my art, and what a joy it was. Bold, Bold , Bold!...I' just love it.